What age group is the book intended for?

It’s written primarily for children ages 7-12, and the child in every adult. Our test marketing revealed it to inspire a lot of smiles from readers aged 7 to 77. Thus far we’ve had limited feedback from readers over 80.

What are the best reasons to venture out to sea with the Time Sailors of Pizzolungo?

In one book you’ll get…

  • A suspenseful, humorous and educational story that engages children and turns them into book lovers,
  • A narrative that inspires personal growth and development, appreciation of family, and love and respect between siblings,
  • A collection of historical teasers to pique kids’ curiosity about some of the world’s most illustrious figures.
  • A story that helps children develop their vocabularies, knowledge of geography, seafaring, navigation, and appreciation of diverse cultures.
  • A thoroughly entertaining story for children, young adults and their parents.

How can I start flipping the pages?

Order a print copy from Amazon or download it instantly to your Kindle (or any e-reader, e.g. Ipad, laptop, phone). If you prefer an electronic copy but don’t have an e-reader, you can download the free Kindle app to your browser, computer, phone or tablet, and read it that way.

How long is the book?

Eighteen suspenseful chapters laid out on approximately 250 pages.