Woodrow Wilson once quipped, ‘I use all the brains I have and all I can borrow.’ In producing this book we did the same.

Heather Campbell, a literary coach and old friend from graduate school, provided a thought provoking critique of the original manuscript which helped us radically transform the book. Hala Barbar, a friend and avid reader of children’s books, took two spins through with a red pen and left the text in far better shape than she found it. Both Heather and Hala made enormous contributions to the quality of the book’s final form.

Niall Doherty offered a raft of suggestions which we adopted, as did Matt Henderson Ellis.

Wendy Lewison, who has published a number of wonderful children’s books herself, provided a valuable critique and great encouragement.

Mark Webster very generously offered to help build the book’s website. He’s a good friend.

Danielle and J.P. Nikota offered a pair of fantastically sharp proofreading eyes.

Zoltan Ecsery’s encyclopedic knowledge of history and seafaring has helped ensure it’s as realistic as possible (for a fantasy story). Alan and Rochelle Abrams suggested many a scene and word choice to reconsider, which we did, and thank them for it.

Jill Ruzicka’s generous assistance and artistic vision transformed black and white words on a page into beautiful artwork that recalls the golden era of children’s literature.

In particular, Adam thanks his brother Jesse, for his help not only with the book’s artwork, but for his critiques of all of his work, good and bad, and for his partnership in many other writing endeavors. He thanks his mother, Rita, for her advice on the world of authorship and publishing and her constant encouragement.

Most of all he thanks his wife Delia, without whom there would be no reason to write at all. If love, respect, and unwavering support are the nourishment a writer needs to create, then Delia keeps his belly very full.

Scott owes his greatest gratitude to his wife, Annamaria. Some of the most important ideas in this story originated in her mind. She’s as good a writer’s coach as one could hope and the book is immeasurably better because of her strategic contribution.

Finally, Scott thanks Dan Macleod for gifting him a special little ship that became the original inspiration for this story.