Top 5 Reasons to Read Time Sailors

In one book you’ll get…

1) An exciting, suspenseful, humorous and educational story that engages children and turns them into book lovers,

2) A narrative that inspires personal development, appreciation of family, and love and respect between siblings […]

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The Authors

Adam and Scott are childhood friends from Larchmont, New York. They first collaborated artistically as guitarist and drummer in a 7th grade rock band. Scott soon realized he had no musical talent and moved on, but years later they reunited to draft the script for a feature film which was optioned by a Spanish production […]

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Bonus Materials

Learn more about the historical people you’ve met, the famous places you’ve visited, and the ships you’ve sailed on in the book […]

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Fun Facts

Learn a bunch of exciting, strange, and unexpected facts about Time Sailors of Pizzolungo, its characters and the authors […]

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